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Complete WooCommerce Development Training 2020 Edition

Are you looking for a comprehensive WooCommerce theme development training near Dhaka, Bangladesh? Have you ever thought about making money to become a professional WooCommerce theme developer?


WooCommerce is becoming a big point of eCommerce. Its mission is to convert any WordPress website into a real eCommerce store. Many developers today want to learn how to create a theme for it?


You will find many WooCommerce courses on the internet, but most of the time they are very confusing.


This course is different. It has about 100 features. We share with you everything that we learned about theme creation, especially how to create a WordPress theme with WooCommerce compatibility.



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Batch Start: 10 January, 2020

Course Fees৳15000
  • Complete WooCommerce Development Training from the Scratch
  • 10 students per Batch
  • Weekly 2/3 Classes (Friday & Saturday)
  • Course Duration: 2 Months Plus
  • Life Time Free Support
  • Real Life Project Base Training
  • Admission going on – Call Us Now 01686939542

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WooCommerce Theme Developer is one of the most popular profession now a days and it can help to make money fast from the internet. Let’s see what you learn from this WooCommerce Theme Development Course?

  • 1. Learn how to install a local server (using Xampp/WAMP)?
  • 2. Learn how to install WordPress?
  • 3. Learn how to set up a development environment?
  • 4. Learn how to create Base Theme?
  • 5. Learn how to create and activate the Theme?
  • 6. Learn how to create basic blocks of a WordPress theme?
  • 7. Learn how to enqueue stylesheets the right way?
  • 8. Learn how to include Bootstrap?
  • 9. Learn how to create Menus?
  • 10. Learn how to use the WordPress Loop?
  • 11. Learn how to create Page Templates?
  • 12. Learn how to make the WooCommerce Compatible Base Theme?
  • 13. Learn how to install WooCommerce?
  • 14. Learn how to declare WooCommerce Support?
  • 15. Learn how to modify Template Files (Template Overrides)?
  • 16. Learn how to modify the archive-product.php file?
  • 17. Learn how to modify the single-product.php file?
  • 18. Learn how to modify the cart page?
  • 19. Learn how to modify the checkout page?
  • 20. Learn how to modify the account page?
  • 21. Learn how to add Google Fonts to the Theme?
  • 22. Learn how to customize the main menu?
  • 23. Learn how to create a search mechanism?
  • 24. Learn how to include a shopping cart?
  • 25. Learn how to include links to the user account page?
  • 26. Learn how to add a logo to our Theme?
  • 27. Learn how to add copyright information?
  • 28. Learn how to add a homepage slider?
  • 29. Learn how to add homepage product lists?
  • 30. Learn how to add a Blog to the Theme?
  • 31. Learn how to create the homepage blog section?
  • 32. Learn how to modify the blog posts index template file?
  • 33. Learn how to create inner page templates – single.php?
  • 34. Learn how to create inner page templates – comment forms?
  • 35. Learn how to create inner page templates – pagination?
  • 36. Learn how to create inner page templates – archive pages?
  • 37. Learn how to create inner page templates – Search?
  • 38. Learn how to create inner page templates – 404.php?
  • 39. Learn how to use template parts?
  • 40. Learn how to create sidebars?
  • 41. Learn how to create Theme Internationalization?
  • 42. Learn how to use Theme Security?
  • 43. Learn how to create Theme following WordPress Coding Standards?
  • 44. Learn how to test the Theme?
  • 45. Learn how to pack the Theme with the TGM Plugin Activation?
  • 46. Learn how to create Demo Content for the Theme?
  • 47. Learn how to prepare the Theme to be Submitted?
  • 48. Learn how to submit the Theme to WordPress.org?

Interested? Start building your online career as a WooCommerce Theme Developer and join the financial freedom career!


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