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Complete Video Editing Training 2020 Edition

We are providing Video Editing Training in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In this course, you will learn how to create awesome videos that you can upload to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, and for your business or products.


If you are new to video editing, this course for you to get started. You will able to edit any video easily and quickly.


There are so many cool effects available for creating and editing videos. After completing this course, you will create a dynamic video that looks professional.


In this video editing course, We will present all kinds of video editing tools so that you can start editing and creating videos as soon as possible.


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Complete Video Training Available

Course Fees৳5000
  • Complete Video Editing Training from the Scratch
  • Beginner to Advanced
  • Create Video As You Want
  • Video for YouTube, Facebook and More
  • Life Time Free Support
  • Real Life Project Base Training
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At the end of this course, you’ll know our exact secret to edit and make videos for youtube, facebook, instagram, business, and products. Lets see what you will learn from this course?

  • 1. How to find the effects store and aspects ratio?
  • 2. How to capture footage?
  • 3. How to find free stock video footage?
  • 4. How to import video footage?
  • 5. How to record pc screen?
  • 6. Details brief of the timeline.
  • 7. How to use picture in picture?
  • 8. How to speed up and slow down videos?
  • 9. How to control video on the timeline?
  • 10. How to work text music layouts?
  • 11. How to apply project view and sound effects?
  • 12. How to add multiple texts?
  • 13. How to use music tracks?
  • 14. How to hide tracks?
  • 15. How to control the audio mixer?
  • 16. How to control undo and redo actions?
  • 17. How to work with contrast?
  • 18. How to work with saturation?
  • 19. How to work with brightness?
  • 20. How to work with 3D LUTs?
  • 21. How to play video in reverse?
  • 22. How to add color Tu?
  • 23. How to use the freeze frame?
  • 24. How to use the power tool?
  • 25. How to use pixelating faces?
  • 26. How to use face off?
  • 27. How to use color tuning presets?
  • 28. How to adding music and control volume levels?
  • 29. How to find royalty-free music?
  • 30. How to use sound effects?
  • 31. How to find royalty-free sound effects?
  • 32. How to edit music tracks and fade in or fade out?
  • 33. How to use music pitch and equalizer?
  • 34. How to record and edit voice-overs?
  • 35. How to add text effects and edit text?
  • 36. How to find the effect store?
  • 37. How to use text font and text size?
  • 38. How to add music to the opener?
  • 39. How to make creative intros or openers?
  • 40. How to style text, animation, and font?
  • 41. How to work with outros and lower thirds?
  • 42. How to add text and subtitles?
  • 43. How to add end credits?
  • 44. How to add transitions and filters?
  • 45. How to add overlays and elements?
  • 46. How to add a split-screen?
  • 47. How to create your video and export?
  • 48. How to create explainer videos?

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