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Complete Social Media Marketing Training 2020 Edition

We are providing complete Social Media Marketing training in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This course covers all the principles and strategies of social media marketing. Join this training now and make a financial freedom career on the internet.


This course explains to you how to market your business for free without advertising social media marketing and payments. 100% Practical Course – Get ready for the real learning from the beginning!


Whether you want to grow an online business, work as a Freelancer, and Get Hired as a Social Media Marketing Expert. This course for you!


You can also learn how to drive traffic to your website using social media marketing and how to create content that brings people to your site.


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Batch Start: 10 January, 2020

Course Fees৳10000
  • Complete Social Media Marketing Training from the Scratch
  • 10 students per Batch
  • Weekly 2/3 Classes (Friday & Saturday)
  • Course Duration: 2 Months Plus
  • Life Time Free Support
  • Real Life Project Base Training
  • Admission going on – Call Us Now 01686939542

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Social Media Marketing is a popular internet marketing system to promote products or businesses to the audiences in the social network. Let’s see what you learn from this Social Media Marketing Training?

  • 1. Why is social media marketing important as digital marketing?
  • 2. Learn about the best strategies for social media marketing.
  • 3. Learn about the top tools for social media marketing.
  • 4. Learn about the optimal images for social media marketing.
  • 5. Learn about the ultimate guide of the Facebook page.
  • 6. Learn how to create and optimize the Facebook page?
  • 7. Learn what keywords 101 is?
  • 8. Learn how to use keywords in your Facebook page description?
  • 9. Learn what makes your Facebook page awesome?
  • 10. Learn what marketing 101 is?
  • 11. Learn the complete guides of the Facebook business manager.
  • 12. Learn the fundamentals of Facebook Advertising.
  • 13. The complete guide of Facebook ads campaign, ads set, and advertisements.
  • 14. Learn about the top 4 secrets of Facebook ads campaign.
  • 15. What is a Facebook pixel, and how to install?
  • 16. In Facebook pixel – what do you want to track?
  • 17. Who are the Facebook audience, and how to target?
  • 18. Learn about the complete guideline of Facebook advertising.
  • 19. What is Instagram, and how to start marketing with Instagram?
  • 20. How to launch an Instagram account for a client?
  • 21. Learn how to set up your Instagram bio and profile image that looks professional?
  • 22. Learn how to optimize your Instagram?
  • 23. Learn what are the top 10 things to post on Instagram, and when to post?
  • 24. Learn about Instagram captions and hashtags 101.
  • 25. Learn how to repost Instagram content?
  • 26. Learn how to manage Instagram stories?
  • 27. Learn how to grow Instagram followers and exposure?
  • 28. Methods of how to convert Instagram followers to sales and leads?
  • 29. Learn about the Instagram algorithm.
  • 30. Learn about sponsored Posts – pay and get paid for Instagram Posts.
  • 31. Learn about the details of Instagram Ads.
  • 32. Learn how to shop on Instagram?
  • 33. Learn how to set Instagram ads via Facebook.
  • 34. Learn how works Instagram analytics?
  • 35. Learn how to work with Instagram analytics by paid software?
  • 36. Learn how to increase Instagram followers by using secret tools?
  • 37. Learn about the twitter basics and optimizing your Twitter.
  • 38. Learn what to Tweet and how to interact on Twitter?
  • 39. Learn how to use hashtags and trends on Twitter?
  • 40. Learn how to increase your Twitter following and followers?
  • 41. Learn the full Twitter ads guides.
  • 42. Learn how to work Twitter audience manager and how to Install universal Tag?
  • 43. Learn how to manage Twitter conversion tracking and remarketing?
  • 44. Learn about Twitter ads and followers.
  • 45. Learn how to control Twitter reporting and analytics?
  • 46. Learn how to work pinned Tweet hack, and what are the best Twitter tools for remarkable performance?
  • 47. Learn what is Pinterest 101?
  • 48. Learn the Whole Pinterest ads guides.
  • 49. Learn how to work the product pins and rich pins on Pinterest?
  • 50. Learn about Pinterest tags and events.
  • 51. Learn how to create amazing pins for promoted pins?
  • 52. Learn how to target Pinterest audiences and analytics?
  • 53. Learn how to create and optimize your YouTube Account?
  • 54. Learn how to rank any video top position on YouTube and search engines?
  • 55. Learn how to customize your YouTube channel URL?
  • 56. Learn how to optimize your YouTube Videos?
  • 57. Learn how to work the end screens on YouTube Videos?
  • 58. Learn the complete ten steps for YouTube SEO and YouTube channel mastery.
  • 59. Learn how to manage paid YouTube video ads via Google ads?
  • 60. Learn how to do SEO and YouTube for repurposing content?
  • 61. Learn how to work with YouTube reports and analytics?
  • 62. Learn how to create and optimize your personal LinkedIn profile?
  • 63. Learn how to create a LinkedIn Company Page?
  • 64. Learn how to work with LinkedIn Groups?
  • 65. Learn about the details of LinkedIn Ads.
  • 66. Learn what LinkedIn sales navigator?
  • 67. Learn how to optimize your LinkedIn profile?
  • 68. Learn how to get traffic from Quora to your website?
  • 69. Learn the complete guide for Quora.
  • 70. Learn how to get traffic from Reddit to your website?
  • 71. Learn the complete methods for Reddit.
  • 72. Learn how to get traffic from Yahoo Answer to your website?
  • 73. Learn the complete solutions for Yahoo Answer.
  • 74. Learn how to get traffic from Tumblr to your website?
  • 75. Learn the Tumblr complete system as a social media marketer.
  • 76. Learn how to get traffic from Flickr to your website?
  • 77. Learn the full system of marketing with Flickr.
  • 78. Learn how to get traffic from Medium to your website?
  • 79. Learn the complete Medium strategy.
  • 80. Learn how to get traffic from Hubpage to your website?
  • 81. Learn the complete Hubpage strategy.
  • 82. Learn how to get traffic from Academia to your website?
  • 83. Learn the complete marketing system with Academia’s content.
  • 84. Learn the whole update strategy of social media marketing to become a boss!

Interested? Start building your online career on Social Media Marketing (SMM) and join the financial freedom career!


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