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Complete Email Marketing Training 2020 Edition

We have been providing Email Marketing Training in Dhaka, Bangladesh, since 2012. It helps you to learn how to increase your email marketing tactics and join with more customers.


This course will skill you on how to grow your email list, compose compelling emails, compose a flawless email, test and improve emails, build an automated email series and turn subscribers to a customer.


With each class, you will also get homework to help you apply what you have learned.


Start building a better email marketing strategy today!




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Batch Start: 10 January, 2020

Course Fees৳10000
  • Complete Email Marketing Training from the Scratch
  • 10 students per Batch
  • Weekly 2/3 Classes (Friday & Saturday)
  • Course Duration: 2 Months Plus
  • Life Time Free Support
  • Real Life Project Base Training
  • Admission going on – Call Us Now 01686939542

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Email Marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategy now a days and it can deliver millions of leads to your business every day. Let’s see what you learn from this Email Marketing Course?

  • 1. Learn how to intend, develop, and execute practical email marketing approaches?
  • 2. Learn why email marketing is one of the best tools for transforming potential customers?
  • 3. Learn how to expand your email target market and also get more traffic to your website?
  • 4. Learn how to compose beautiful emails as well as what to write in your emails?
  • 5. Learn how to design attractive emails?
  • 6. Learn how to examine and also optimize your emails?
  • 7. Learn how to develop a computerized email series as well as email automation the most excellent methods?
  • 8. Learn how to turn email subscribers into clients and produce attractive deals?
  • 9. Learn how to create Multiple Incentives?
  • 10. Learn how to upgrade the content?
  • 11. Learn how to Implement Incentives?
  • 12. Learn how to optimize your signup form?
  • 13. Learn how to drive traffic to Your target webpage?
  • 14. Learn how to drive social media traffic?
  • 15. Learn how to write compelling emails?
  • 16. Learn how to craft good email content?
  • 17. Learn about writing techniques?
  • 18. Learn how to write subject lines and calls to action?
  • 19. Learn how to plan about email content?
  • 20. Learn about design principles?
  • 21. Learn how to use typography?
  • 22. Learn how to choose the perfect images for your emails?
  • 23. Learn how to dynamic and interactive emails?
  • 24. Learn how to think about email data?
  • 25. Learn how to understand your audience?
  • 26. Learn how to observe behavior?
  • 27. Learn how to run split tests?
  • 28. Learn about segmentation.
  • 29. Learn about personalization.
  • 30. Learn about email automation.
  • 31. Learn what automation perfect for you?
  • 32. Learn how to build an automated series?
  • 33. Learn about subscriber segmentation.
  • 34. Learn about scratching the surface and cautionary tales.
  • 35. Learn about the marketing funnel.
  • 36. Learn about the psychology of buying decisions.
  • 37. Learn about content that converts customers.
  • 38. Learn about powerful copywriting formulas.
  • 39. Learn how to send frequency email?
  • 40. Learn about automation and conversion emails.
  • 41. Learn how to broadcast emails and conversion?
  • 42. Learn about the complete strategy of all about paid and free email marketing platform.

Interested? Start building your online career on Email Marketing and join the financial freedom career!


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